December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I am a loser and haven't posted anything on here in months!!! I will try to be better about it! :)
Anyway...we had a great and busy Christmas this year!
A couple of weeks ago, we spent the weekend at the Westin La Cantera Resort. If you are ever in San Antonio, stay here! We loved it! It's really nice and very pretty!

Jerrod and Bryson in the lobby of our hotel
Me and Bryson hanging out by the fire

For the first time in my life, we had a white Christmas!
Bryson wanted to go outside and make snowballs so we bundled him up good! ....He later came inside with one of the snowballs and threw it at me...inside my house! On my clean wood floors! :) Such a boy!

Christmas Eve at Grammy & Pops' house. He wasn't spoiled at all! :)

Christmas morning!

Bryson making sure that he didn't leave anything in his stocking :)

Our annual Christmas morning picture in front of our tree

We went over to my parent's house for Christmas lunch and more gifts!
It was a long day but it was full of fun :)
My Poppie wins the prize for the best gift ever given! On my Granny and Poppie's 50th wedding anniversary, my Poppie gave Granny a beautiful ring. Several years ago when Granny found out that she was developing Alzheimer's, she stopped wearing the ring because she was scared that she would lose it. She told my Poppie that she wanted him to one day have something made for each of her granddaughters from that ring. Yesterday my Poppie gave me, and the other granddaughters, a pendant with diamonds from Granny's anniversary ring. Poppie said that he hopes that it will always remind us of our Granny and that we were "Granny's girl" and that she loved us very much. :)
Such a sweet gift. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Of course it will always remind me of my sweet Granny. Of course I will always be "Granny's girl". And of course I know how much she loves me. I will always cherish the pendant and my Granny.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas! :) it's time to take down the decorations. I hate doing that every year!! It's so depressing! :)

August 3, 2009

Here we go again.......

I am SO behind on blogging! I'll have to catch up soon!

But, until then...

Oh yes! I'm there! And this time, I have more stalker buddies joining me! YUSSS! Lace up those stalker boots, girls!

(I'm such a jr high girl!)

June 23, 2009

Key West, FL

Well, now that it's been a month since our trip to Florida, I guess I'll go ahead and post some pictures from our vacation :)

Once I returned to Miami from my New Kids Cruise :) I stayed a couple of days with Debbie (Krystal's mom) until Jerrod and Bryson flew out to meet me. Jerrod said that Bryson was so cute on the airplane. He's been on a plane before, but was too young to remember it. He was so excited to go to the airport and step onto a plane...he was even able to visit the cockpit! The pilot asked him "have you ever flown a plane before?". Bryson answered "yes". :) Bryson watched out the window as they took off. Once they flew high enough to be above the clouds, Bryson asked "are we upside down". (haha) It just didn't make sense for the clouds to be underneath the plane!

As they were descending, Bryson's ears clogged up. Jerrod said that he started being really loud and shouted "la la la la la la la. Hey Daddy, I have to talk really loud to hear myself". Jerrod said that it reminded him of the video posted on youtube of the little boy still high after visiting the dentist (look it up if you haven't seen it!)

Once they landed, Jerrod said "Bryson, we're in Miami now". Bryson was confused and asked "but where's 'my' ami". Your ami, my's everyone's ami. :)

They rented a car and drove to Debbie's house. I was so glad to see my boys!
Debbie knew that she was going to miss Bryson's birthday this year, so she wanted to throw him a special little birthday party at her house. That was so sweet of her! She bought him an ice cream cake and a little guitar.

I offered to write "Happy Birthday" on the cake...take a look:
Happy "Birtday". I'm such a genius. Dork!

It was Jerrod's birthday the day before, so he got an ice cream cake too. Father/Son birthday party!

We stayed the night at Debbie's then drove to Key West the next day.

Bryson at the hotel pool.
(why do kids love to swim in the pool even when there is an ocean 10 feet away?)

Practicing snorkeling in the pool
He thought it was funny to see Daddy under the water

Our first Key West sunset

Building sandcastles

Hanging out on our balcony at the hotel

Us at the southernmost point of the U.S.

I love pink sunsets and palm trees!

This is my most favorite picture of Bryson right now! So handsome!

A little night swimming

Bryson and me on a boat that took us out snorkeling

Daddy and Bryson getting ready to snorkel.

Bryson did SO good! It was so cute the first time he put his head under the water. Once he had all of his gear on, he stuck his head under and through his little snorkel, I could hear him say "OHHHHHH"! He discovered that there is a whole new world under the water.

At one point, he was sitting on the boat looking out at the horizon. There was nothing but ocean for as far as you could see. Of course you could also see where the ocean met the sky. He suddenly turned to me and said "we are going to crash into the sky" :)

He thought this yacht was pretty cool and needed his picture taken next to it

Tired and in a bad mood at dinner. Look at that face!

Hanging out at the pier

Our last Key West sunset

He was exhausted by the end of our trip!

We had a lot of fun :) It was a great vacation with my boys!

June 19, 2009

Six Flags!!!

For Bryson's birthday, he received a Six Flags season pass from his Grammy & Pops (and one for me too. score!)
This would be Bryson's first time to ride the rides at Six Flags!
(he's been to Holiday in the Park, but he was only 1 at the time)

Bryson riding the Batman airplane! Remember folks, he's obsessed with Batman these days! We rode this ride 4 times in a row and stayed in Gotham City for about 2 hours!

Us riding the Batman airplane...probably our 3rd time on the ride :)

Bryson by the Batmobile

Up on the parachute ride

The next picture was taken as we were heading up the first big hill of the Judge Roy Scream. This was Bryson's very first time on a roller coaster. He LOVED it! (he's his mother's son) We rode it 3 times in a HIS request :)

Video of his very first roller coaster ride! Hilarious!

And finally, he spotted Batman and had to have his picture taken with him!

It sure was hot outside, but we had a great day :)

June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryson!

My baby boy turned 4 years old today! 4!!

Age 4 favorites:

food- ice cream

TV show- batman

toy- batman

desert- messy chocolate

drink- juice

clothes- anything batman

1st birthday- Hawaiian Luau

2nd birthday- Mickey Mouse

3rd birthday- Mater from the movie Cars

4th birthday- Batman

His party was at Monkey Grounds in Bedford. He had a great time and came home with LOTS of new toys!